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About Us

This website started in 2004 as a Facebook Group, called Restaurants In Malta: The Good; The Bad; The Rip-Offs, which group is a public open forum, and which is ardently followed by well over 17,500 registered members. In this Facebook group which can be accessed by logging-in through here, every member can post through his own direct experience, comments about restaurants that he or she would have visited, as well as to comment on posts that are sent in by other members, and even topics that are started by the Administrator.

Wines and Restaurants of Malta, in its present format as a leading, wines and  restaurant review website, for the Maltese Islands, more specifically Malta and Gozo. We aim to review selected top end, (not necessarily fully fledged fine dining establishments), restaurants, rate them for the whole dining experience which would involve: Cuisine Quality; Preparation and Presentation; Service, Ambience; Atmosphere and Decor; Harmony of Menu and Wine list; Value for Money. Restaurants that would score a minimum of 8 points out of 10, in the initial review, would be published in this website. Furthermore, every year, a short list of the best of the very best restaurants, from those reviewed, would be drawn, further anonymous inspections would be carried out, and a further shorter list would be drawn up from which about five or six, that would have made the grade would be considered, (only if our high adjudicating standards are met), to be awarded with the WRMC SILVER SPOON QUALITY AND RECOGNITION AWARDS. The adjudicating criteria for these awards are based on those adopted by the highest rating agencies in the world, and are targeted to be the most coveted restaurant awards for the restaurant industry in Malta.

In this website, we are also endeavouring to bring to the attention of  consumers, and wine lovers, news, reviews and ratings of yearly wine releases from the wine producers of Malta and Gozo, as well as from selected international wineries. Only wines of note, of the best quality shall be featured and rated, as our intention is to make consumers more knowledgeable about wine quality and adequate choices.

Enjoy your food and  drink in moderation, and when discussing food and wine we always have to bear in mind that both subjects are highly personal experiences, especially the pairing of food and wine which is a complex and highly inexact science.  We may like something that others hate, ones bitter might be another person’s sweet.