Frey Sohler Collection 1


A maginficent variety of exotic aromas and flavours, from dry, to off-dry. Acidity to fresh and supple.

Taste Profile:

Dry and off-dry


38 %

Full Body


95 %

no tannins.


78 %

Medium Acidity


64 %

13.5–15% ABV


85 %


Premium white wines


The Winemaker:

Grape Varieties: Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Sylvaner, Muscat, Pinot Blanc.

Winegrower from father to son for 6 generations, the Frey-Sohler house vinifies and distributes wines from the vineyards of the family Sohler in Scherwiller. The field is based on distinct geological contexts: -

Graves of Scherwiller: these serious estates give birth to the famous communal appellatiion "Scherwiller". This appellation, 100% Riesling is distinguished by a floral nose, dry palate, ending in a lemony touch. –

The Rittersberg: this great terroir of two-mica granite offers wines minerality, austere in youth, but giving great wines for aging. –

The Grand Cru Frankstein: this land is located on a granite-mica scree.

The FRANKSTEIN soil is light, sandy and stony. This soil gives the wine this fine minerality that characterizes them. They express a very light acidity and ending with a sublime finish. These elements allow the wine to express finesse, complexity and a particular balance.

Vin D'Alsace Tasting Notes:

Typical flavours to look out for include lime, honey, apricot and grapefruit.  Alsace produce tends to be more elegant, dry and full-bodied, with florally citrus characters that make for perfect food pairing wine.

Food Pairing:

White meats; fish and seafood; ethnic foods - Spicy Indian, Chinese, Japanese cuiisne; excelent with ceviche;

Gewurtztraminer and Muscat also lends themselves to great pairins with desserts.