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The WRMC Silver Spoon Awards to Restaurants.

The WRMC Silver Spoons Prestige Awards.

The Siver Spoon Replica.

WINES AND RESTAURANTS OF MALTA.COM – WRMC – has been inspired by the Michelin Stars, to award its own annual awards to the top restaurants in Malta and Gozo, commencing from this year 2012. We have also carried out research into procedures adopted by other exclusive, and highly respected rating agencies such as the United Kingdom’ Automobile Association’s AA Rosette awards, as well as the Australian Good Food Guide Chef Hats awards on which criteria our awards shall be based.

The system and procedures that we are adopting works like this:

1. Selected restaurants are first reviewed and rated by a team of four inspectors, which team shall include myself as the Director of this project. The team will initially rate the restaurant through an adjudicating criteria comprising: Ambience; Atmosphere and decor of the venue and top notch cleanliness; Quality of cuisine and concept; Cuisine Preparation and presentation; Freshness of ingredients; Management; Service and serving staff training, experience and efficiency; Wine list, mark-ups, and wine service; Value for money commensurate with the restaurant’s type and category.

2. If a restaurant is awarded a minimum of 8 points during the first rating process, and if considered to be of consistent high quality, two further inspections would be carried out by two different and anonymous, inspectors during the year, on different dates and seasons. The inspectors are handpicked for their experience in the restaurant industry and are known only by myself. The inspectors themselves do not know who each other is, and when reviewing a venue they shall make their own reservations and pay for their food and drinks in full as per normal clients. Inspectors cannot introduce themselves as being such. Restaurants to be reviewed by the inspectors shall be indicated and assigned to them by myself.

3. Once the selected restaurants are reviewed by all inspectors, a meeting is held at the end of the year so that the respective reviews and ratings will be consolidated and the top and most deserving restaurants identified.

The awards will be in the form of framed certificates indicating the “Silver Spoons” awards.

Reviews and ratings shall be carried out by anonymous inspectors after the initial review is done and the best restaurants are selected for quality. No form filling by clients, and/or public polls are involved, therefore restaurants recieving one, two or the highly coveted three Silver Spoons award certificates, after passing our adjudicating criteria, will be the “creme de la creme” of the restaurant industry in Malta and Gozo.

Three Silver Spoons.

Not more than five (if any),three-Silver-Spoon awards will be awarded, nationally, in any particular year. Restaurants awarded three Silver Spoons must have held the two Silver Spoons award for a minimum of two years, through which they would have demonstrated total consistency of the quality of their cuisine and service, unless during concurrent inspections a restaurant recieves maximum points from the inspectors. These must be outstanding restaurants that achieve standards that demand recognition well beyond their local area. Exceptional quality of cuisine, service and ambience. This is the ultimate award that restaurants should strive for. The Exclusive Gold Certificate.

Two Silver Spoons.

Not more than ten,two-Silver-Spoons awardswill be awarded, nationally, in any particular year. This award is awarded to outstanding restaurants that aim for, and achieve higher standards and better consistency than for the one silver spoon award. Cuisine and service out of the ordinary. Gold Marble Certificate.

One Silver Spoon.

One-Silver-Spoon awards will be awarded to fine dining and/or up-market casual dining establishments which achieve standards that stand out in their local area. They must serve very good cuisine prepared with care, understanding and skill, using good quality and fresh ingredients in accordance with their concept, in a pleasant environement, and must demonstrate and provide well above average service through trained staff. Silver Certificate.

The French 20 points system shall be used for the final consolidation of the awards points, but for the published intial reviews on this website the 10 point system shall be retained.

A full and complete adjudicating criteria process has been drawn up, and shall be published in due course. Restaurateurs, owners and operators interested to recieve a copy of the adjudicating criteria and restaurant category definitions should contact me directly by e-mail. These will only be sent to operating restaurants and for obvious reasons a small charge shall be made.