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The 2013 WRMC (Wines and Restaurants of Malta. Com) Silver Spoons Recognition and Quality Rating Awards to restaurants on the Maltese Islands has been exclusively held :

On Tuesday, 15th of January, 2013 at the Portomaso Suite, Hilton Malta, St. Julians.

All restaurants that have been reviewed by inspectors and survey teams from the WRMC during 2012, and as listed in the WRMC Top 30 Restaurant Guide,  (check out the main menu bar for the up-dated guide), were all  invited to attend.  A very good turn-out of some 120 guests representing these restaurants including those from four, five-star hotels  took part in this first event, which has launched the prestigious WRMC Silver Spoon Awards, as well as certification to the top 30 restaurants reviewed and rated by the WRMC inspectors during 2012..

The following publication: The WRMC Silver Spoon Restaurants and Chefs, gives full information on what we are targeting to achieve:

The WRMC Silver Spoons Restaurants and Chefs.

WRMC Silver Spoon  restaurants, are establishments that have received at least a Silver Spoon rating from the professional inspectors and survey teams of the Wines and Restaurants of Malta.Com, referred to as the WRMC.

Contrary to popular belief, chefs cannot receive directly a Silver Spoon rating, only restaurants can. Nevertheless, a chef’s work ethic, creativity, and skill are fundamental to a restaurant’s ability to earn this prestigious award and recognition for the highest quality, and consequently the name of the executive head chef of an establishment shall be printed and shown on the award certificate.

It is the aim of the WRMC that restaurants awarded a Silver Spoon shall be highly regarded because the WRMC Silver Spoon  rating, through its appointed professional inspectors, is the only accurate, impartial assessment of restaurants that exists, as has been demonstrated by the more prestigious rating agencies in the world. After an initial, thorough survey and appraisal by the directors of the WRMC and the initial survey team, at least three further surveys by anonymous inspectors who are trained experts in the restaurant industry, are carried out;  detailed reports about the top restaurants are then prepared after evaluating them based on a wide range of criteria.  This system, which was introduced, and  has been practised by no other than Michelin since 1900,  guarantees the utmost unbiased opinions of the appointed experts and review teams.

To ensure that the reviews are current, restaurants that are considered to be contenders for an award,  are revisited by inspectors several times per year. Furthermore, the WRMC has gone to great lengths to preserve the anonymity of our inspectors, who aren’t allowed to mention their appointment to anyone to prevent their identities from being revealed.

Restaurants must be of outstanding quality in order to earn even a one Silver Spoon rating.

 What the WRMC Silver Spoon Ratings Mean:

The WRMC awards ratings of one to three Silver Spoons. This is what the ratings signify:

  • One Silver Spoon: An Outstanding restaurant in its category.
  • Two Silver Spoons:  An Excellent restaurant with a national identity..
  • Three Silver Spoons: An Exceptional restaurant, in all respects with a national identity.

The WRMC shall not be awarding more than six, one Silver Spoon awards, in the first year, and therefore one WRMC Silver Spoon restaurants shall be rare. Restaurants with two or three Silver Spoons shall be even rarer, as these shall be reserved for the most excellent and exceptional establishments once establishments reach that level.

Once a restaurant earns a WRMC Silver Spoon rating,  the owners must go to great lengths to maintain it because losing the award could lead the restaurant to lose business and prestige due to loss of quality consistency. On the other hand, winning the first award, should open the door to further development and enhancement of quality in the overall dining experience , so that the second and third Silver Spoon awards will, eventually be earned.[/quote]

Restaurants upon which the Silver Spoon award is bestowed, shall have the opportunity to describe and advertise themselves not just as an award winning restaurant, but as a: WRMC Silver Spoon Restaurant, denoting that the establishment is among the best of the best in the Maltese Islands.

For the complete Silver Spoons Award Criteria, we kindly recommend and insist that this criteria and  qualifying requirements should be read and checked out in detail by  going to the “Silver Spoon Award Criteria” icon on the top menu bar of this website.



Tarragon Restaurant, St.Paul’s Bay.


The Blue Elephant at the Hilton Malta.

Tartarun Restaurant, Marsaxlokk.










Grill 3301 at the Corinthia St.George’s Bay Hotel.


The Arches Restaurant of Mellieha.









Patrick’s Restaurant, Lounge & Steakhouse, Victoria, Gozo.