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An outstanding restaurant which has been launched with a view to be one of the very best among the best. Overall Rating: 9/10

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It has been long in coming, but now that Capo Crudo Restaurant in Boat Street, Valletta, has been officially launched about a week ago, it has taken Valletta’s fine dining scene by storm

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Capo Crudo Restaurant – Marsamxett, Valletta.

Dinner – Friday, 17th February, 2017.

It has been long in coming, but now that Capo Crudo Restaurant in Boat Street, Valletta, has been officially launched about a week ago, it has taken Valletta’s fine dining scene by storm. Fully booked day-in day out, in the few days that it has been operating, this restaurant has already attracted the attention of a large number of fine dining clientele. Operated on the ground by Chef-Director Marvin Schembri and director Keith Seychell the place is bound to be a success throughout.

A good kitchen team under the direction of Marvin Schembri with Sous Chefs Robert Saccasan and Patrizio Cassar is in place as well as a very good service team and sommelier service.

The restaurant is divided in open plan sections where on entering one enters the cocktail bar and lounge, from which one moves to the main restaurant; on one side the open kitchen is situated and on the other side a top class wine cellar; from there one finds a semi private dining area with a large chef’s table set-up . Décor is ultra-modern and appealing. Magnificent open views of Marsamxett harbour and the Sliema seafront  through the glass partition outside walls.








The menu features selections of speciality antipasti and crudi; classic pasta  and risotto dishes including spaghetti al formagio parmigiano, finished of in Parmigiano Regiano cheese wheel and served at the table. One might be taken aback by the short list of main courses listed which simply lists: Monkfish with artichoke leaves; Salmon with spicy Pok Choi; Grilled filleted sea bass; aged beef – sirloin or tagliata; crusted veal cutlet with lentil and bean cassoulet and duo of pork belly. But this really belies what this restaurant offers as the list does not give a true impression of what is offered.

The restaurant boasts a large display of fresh fish sourced daily from which clients can pick and choose a fish that suits them from the day’s catch; they also have a large aquarium with live Scottish lobsters; the aging cabinet is also large, and one can select beef cuts ranging from rib-on the bone; T- Bone; sirloin; etc.,  aged from just two weeks to 25 days, or selection of fresh beef and veal cooked to one’s choice and taste.


Food selections:

We opted for our favourite starter, which is a selection of antipasti crudi to share.

The selection was left in the hands of the Chef and the following dishes were served:

Scallops in bayleaf with amaretti biscuits;

Gillardeau (French) oysters with Bloody Mary shooters;

Ceviche of amberjack with pickled vegetables and cinnamon mustard seeds;

Tuna belly tartar (sorra) with coriander, infused lemongrass and caviar;

Shell-off prawns with straciatella cheese and black shaved truffle.

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Main courses:

One tenuta (black bream) and one pagru (common sea bream) cooked al sale to share between four persons respectively.








One serving of the dark chocolate fondant;

Lemon cheese cake;

Cannelloni and Ice-cream.









Wine: The restaurant boasts a very good wine cellar and wine list with over 270 wine selections. We opted for a very good Louis Jadot Chablis 2015. Two bottles of water, espressos and grappas.

Service: very good service throughout.

Value: The bill for the above dinner food, water and coffees, excluding the wine came up to EUR216 between four persons (EUR54pp).

Very good food well prepared and presented; Very good service; Very good value commensurate with fine dining quality. Top notch ambience and atmosphere.

Reviewers’ Impressions:

Ambience: 9/10

Atmosphere: 8/10

Cuisine Quality: 9.5/10

Service: 9/10

Wine list: 9/10 – Value (mark-ups): 8/10

Value for money in accordance with concept: 9/10

Overall Rating: 9/10 Concept fine dining.



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