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Restaurants visited from January to May, 2016. Restaurants listed are the ones that have been considered suitable to be featured here as well as in our associated FB Group's - Forum. For full review features on these restaurants, please log-in to the group's site on Restaurants In Malta:The Good;The Bad;The Rip-offs. Some restaurants have also been featured in our FB pages: Restaurants of Malta; and the WRMC Gourmet Network Malta. For all details and photographic illustrations of food as served log-in on: ********************************** JANUARY 2016: Don Berto; El Catalan; Fra Martino; Gate of India; I Place; Palazzo Preca; Pintonino; Tartarun; The Tabloid; Waterbiscuit; Wejla. ****************** FEBRUARY: Fratelli La Bufala; I Place; La Nostra Padrona; Le Mer; Nan Yuan; Sepia; Tarragon; TemptAsian; Tex Mex....


Sotto Mare Ristorante – Marsaxlokk

May 10, 2016

Gourmet degustation dinner at:  Ristorante Sotto Mare – Marsaxlokk. Friday, 8th April, 2016. Over the last months, we have attended and participated as normal guests,  in a number of gourmet, exhibition degustation dinners such as:  that organized for the Gout de France;  wine-food pairing dinners at various restaurants; as well as for the launching of new menus; new items; experimental dishes and so forth, created by different Chefs. One observation that I have made is, that over the last one or two years or so, fine dining has evolved and developed to very high levels by a few top chefs in Malta, in various locations, and not restricted to the odd, one or two places. Gone are the days, that to experience top class presentations and exquisite food preparations, one had to go overseas, with all the hassle and expense that that might entail.   Fine dining as we know it, has now moved to a few, establishments around Malta at whic...


Buddhamann Asian Fusion Restaurant. Dinner – Saturday, 19th December, 2015 Buddhamann is an Asian fusion restaurant combining aromas, tastes, flavours and quality ingredients of the Far East, Indian, Chinese and Japanese, with those of the finest European style menus. The establishment offers an exceptional experience in food preparation that should go down very well with diners adventurous enough to go for well,  known dishes, but having a twist in the preparation, presentation and most important of all taste. The menu is inscribed on a double side wooden board which at first glance looks like any other Asian menu for the starters and more so for the main courses for which headings are a typical European style menu, but when one reads the small descriptive print after each item, it all starts to make sense of what the Chef actually wishes to convey. But then again, as the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating...


Gate of India by Ghosh – Bugibba.

January 6, 2016

Gate of India By Ghosh. Dinner, Saturday, 2nd January, 2016. Gate of India Indian Restaurant in Triq Is-Sajjieda, Bugibba, St. Paul’s Bay, has only been open since September, 2014, but has in this short period of time, already established itself as one of the top Indian restaurants in Malta. Gate of India  serve  and utilising only traditional Indian recipes which require the use of ingredients and produce  of high quality, seasonal and fresh, to ensure fullness of flavour, enhanced by authentic, specially imported Indian curries and spices. The restaurant is operated by a highly respected operator, and Ghosh the restaurant manager and   host, is well-known for his passion and enthusiasm, having been in Malta since 1995, and who has worked in the industry for over twenty years. This plus a good team of Indian chefs, ensure that the  restaurant offers a complete dining experience in authentic and highly enjoyable cuisine at ver...


Round-Up of Restaurants visited in November 2015.

December 8, 2015

Dinner at SaReGaMa Indian Restaurant - Fortina Tigne. Sunday, 8th November, 2015. These last two weeks seem to have been devoted to a selection of local or ethnic, but traditionally authentic restaurants, serving food from the mother country. We visited Ali Baba Lebanese Cuisine restaurant of Gzira; Nenu the Artisan Baker for traditional Maltese food at Valletta, and finally last weekend we paid a visit to SaReGaMa Indian Restaurant at the Fortina - Tigne. SaRegama is one restaurant in this location which has kept up its standards throughout the years that it has been running. Passionately run and managed by Renald Bugeja and Amit the place has over time became a highly sought after Indian restaurant by locals and visitors to our Island. New revamped menu offering various Indian speciality dishes from various regions, as well as at various spiciness, textures and flavours as the client might prefer. Ordered: Two portio...


Round-Up of Restaurants visited in October, 2015

November 10, 2015

Round-Up of Restaurants visited in October, 2015.  Dinner at The Villa Brasserie - St. Julian's. Thursday, 1st October, 2015. We've been to The Villa Brasserie on various occasions in the last five years since this place was taken over by Chef Chris Hammet, and it has become established as one of the more frequented places especially with visiting food lovers to our Island. For a Thursday evening, in which a full scale storm was in progress, this place was full of patrons enjoying the food and a good bottle of wine inside the cosy atmosphere of the restaurant. An advantage of this place is that parking is a cinch in the adjoining hotel parking which takes you right to the door of the restaurant without having to venture out in the rain. Parking is free for diners in any case. Seated at our reserved table, ordered a glass of Prosecco to wind down after negotiating the flooded roads from Marsascala to St.Julians. Ordered tw...



October 26, 2015

Dinner at Commando Restaurant, Mellieha. Saturday, 19th September, 2015. This year we have visited a good number of restaurants around Malta and Gozo, some which we would have visited before, and others that we would have decided to give a try, probably because they would have been newly opened, or even long established which might have been refurbished, re-organised, changed owners or chefs, or whatever. Having said this, and through our sheer experience of the holistic , local restaurant industry, comprising of: restaurants, operators, chefs, restaurant and front-of-house managers, food and beverage managers, locations, seasonality, supply sources, etc., one tends to build a resume' of restaurants that are consistent year-in year-out in quality cuisine and service, and the best chefs who always come out with that particular individual creativity in food preparation and presentation, with an emphasis on what is seasonal, local ...


ROUND-UP OF RESTAURANTS VISITED IN AUGUST 2015. Dinner at Sepia Restaurant, Marsascala. Wednesday, 5th August, 2015. It is great to discover a new restaurant from time to time, which exceeds your expectations in all respects, great food, nice presentations, good service and very good value for money. Sepia Restaurant of Triq Sant Antnin, Marsascala, has only been open since December of last year, just eight months to-date, and it seems that Chef Jonathan Vassallo is gradually establishing it as a destination restaurant, but one which is relaxed and casual, offering cuisine using seasonal, fresh and local ingredients where appropriate. The place is not a huge affair, having a seating capacity of just 30 covers, but this might be another feather in its cap, as it is quiet and unobtrusive. Pleasantly furnished, and with a good air-conditioning system in this heat, the establishment is certainly one that we shall be visiting aga...


Round-Up of Restaurants visited in July 2015

August 24, 2015

ROUND-UP OF RESTAURANTS VISITED IN JULY, 2015. Dinner at Gate of India - Indian Restaurant - St. Paul's Bay. Friday, 24th July, 2015. Gate of India by Ghosh - Indian Restaurant, opened its doors to the general public in September of 2014, and has since established itself as one of the best Indian restaurants in Malta, serving selections of authentic cuisine mainly oriented from North India, but also with some East India influence, cooked and prepared traditionally by Indian Chefs and hands-on Indian manager and host who introduced himself as Ghosh, and who has been in the industry in Malta since 1995. North Indian States include: Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, so food presentations might depend on the Chef's original domicile, and might vary from restaurant to restaurant. The style of food consist of curries that usuall...


Pintonino Restaurant -Valletta Waterfront

August 6, 2015

Pintonino Restaurant at the Valletta Waterfront.   [caption id="attachment_5804" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Charles DeManuele and Natasha Tonna of Pintonino receiving the WRMC 2015 Blue Riband Award conferred on the Top 30 Restaurants in the Maltese Islands.[/caption] We have been frequenting Pintonino Restaurant at the Valletta Waterfront for a number of years as regular patrons. This has not come about lightly, as we are extremely particular about our choice of restaurants, especially those that we tend to consider an escape from the mediocrity that we sometimes see around us, and especially those that we select to be featured in the WRMC Gourmet Network. Only the very best make it to this network, as it is our responsibility and obligation to recommend  only the best of the very best restaurants to our members. Pintonino run by Chef Charles DeManuele, is one of those establishments where seasonal, local and fres...